Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna migrate into New England waters from the gulf stream starting in May. They have been traveling from the south for months and we tend to see smaller fish at this time, but the fight is still off the hook when you feel one on the end of your line. The Marine Fisheries regulates the size of Bluefin Tuna that can be kept for private consumption and those that can be sold to the market. The best opportunities to capitalize on the first tuna of the season are June and July. We offer light tackle casting at this time and the bluefin trips are 8-12 hour trips. In August through October, the Bluefin are traveling back from the North after feeding for months and their size and quality have improved significantly. The location of the tuna trips varies according to where the fish have been spotted and the captain uses his and his crews’ years of experience to determine the best spot for the best outcome. The best trips are for the giant tuna and we often use live bait for these trips. In the fall, when the water temperature drops, the fish continue to feed aggressively for their long journey south and make for the best tuna fishing found anywhere on the Northeast. Tuna are the top pelagic predator in our waters and never disappoint anglers on the line.